New Training Course: Capillary Pressure and Saturation-Height

Water saturations (Sw) in oil & gas reservoirs are controlled by capillary pressure and related forces in most cases. Wireline logs can approximate what these water saturations may be, but do not actually measure Sw directly. Hence, when it comes to building reservoir models and estimating volumes in-place, capillary pressure based saturation-height models are used to describe Sw.

To help the Industry gain a proper understanding of these processes that control hydrocarbon distributions in rocks and how we model said processes, two of the most well regarded specialists in Core Analysis & Petrophysics – Colin McPhee and Stephen Adams – have jointly developed this course. There is currently no comparable course available – this one deals not only with capillary pressures and their measurements, it moves on to the use of these data in building saturation-height functions and then on to their implementation and what additional insights can be extracted.

The course will be co-presented by both Colin & Steve, enabling participants to benefit from their joint skills and experience. Please get in touch if you’re interested in having this course at your company or in a city near you.

You can download the course brochure below

2.15 Capillary Pressure and Saturation-Height v3



New Capillary Pressure & Saturation-Height Modelling Course Co-Presented by Colin McPhee & Steve Adams